Life on the Road

Britain has been a society of drivers since 1895, when Evelyn Ellis embarked on the first journey by car on English soil (travelling at a hasty 9mph). Today, our cars are like a second home.

We surveyed UK drivers to tally up how much time and money people invest in their cars over a lifetime. Take the quiz to find out how much of your life you spend on the road!



Each week, how much time do you spend commuting to work?

Commuting means people can go further, faster: Over 25% of drivers say that their car makes it possible for them to have a better job.


What does your life on the road add up to?

The average UK driver passes their test when they’re 23, and will live to be 81. Based on that, here’s what the time and money you spend on the road will add up to:

You'll invest 0 days into your car

tool box

0 Days

Commuting to work

traffic lights

0 Days

Waiting in traffic

steering wheel

0 Days

Driving to visit friends and family

You'll devote £0 worth of love into your car

fuel can


Spent on fuel

parking sign


Spent on parking



Spent on car cleaning

When you invest time and money into your car, you’re investing it into yourself, too.


of drivers say they have more freedom, thanks to their life on the road.