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Blog / Buying Guides / What is BMW M Sport?

Written by : Steven Shields

Published on:: 06/06/2017

What is BMW M Sport?

BMW M Sport is the most sought after trim and is available across the whole of BMW’s range. It’s the top-spec trim and gives the car several sporty features. Although there are slight variations depending on the car you choose, they all have the following in common and typically costs around £3,000 from new on top of the next trim down:

Exterior features

bmw 1series.jpg

Left: BMW 116d M Sport. Right: BMW 116d EfficientDynamics

An M Sport model can be easily distinguished by M Sport badges on the body, usually stuck on the front wings. They’re also treated to more aggressive looking M Aerodynamic body styling, including larger air vents and deeper skirts that make the car look lower and distinctive compared to lower-spec counterparts. Definitely more eye-catching too.

Wheels and suspension


Left: M Sport 18-inch light alloys. Right: Sport 17-inch alloys

All models get upgraded, star-spoke style light alloys, typically 18 inch and above. The suspension is upgraded (except X Drive models), lowering the car by about 20mm and helps the car corner better by reducing body roll and increasing tyre grip.

There are a few features on M Sport models that are very subtle, such as gloss black trim, and the trademark “kidney” grill is chrome with extra-wide black high gloss vertical slats.

Interior features


Left: BMW 1 Series M Sport interior. Right: BMW 1 Series Sport interior

The most obvious change to the interior is the seats, which are upgraded to sports-style seats that hold the driver and front passenger in place more firmly. More premium models gets leather upholstery on top. Other features on M Sport models are more subtle. The steering wheel and gear knob get leather covers, with the former being modelled on those of M cars and offers a smaller diameter and broader rim for enhanced grip.


BMW 4 Series M Sport interior

Aluminium Hexagon trim replaces the gloss black covers and M Sport badges are fitted to the steering wheel and door sills. For models with manual gearboxes, a short-shift kit is fitted, which reduces the height of the gearstick and helps reduce gear change times.

From the 3 Series upwards, you get Drive Performance Control, which alters the characteristics of the vehicle to suit the driver’s preference, for example the steering and suspension depending on the model to deliver a more comfortable ride, a sportier drive or a more economical commute.

Should I buy a BMW M-Sport?

This is entirely up to you. At The Car People, we have a wide range of BMWs with varying specifications, so you’re bound to find one that’s right for you.

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Author Bio


By Steven Shields, Social Media Executive & Content Writer for The Car People.

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