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Written by : sshields

Published on:: 01/02/2016

Is The Car The Most Romantic Place To Spend Valentine's Day?

Valentine’s Day typically brings out the best clichés of the year: flowers, teddy bears, and love hearts, to name three. But do these traditional gifts still put a smile on our loved ones’ faces, or is 2016 the year to approach the 14th of Feb in a new manner?

We’ve conducted a survey to see what the nation’s lovers really want from their other halves on the most romantic day of the year. Before heading to the shops to grab some last-minute chocolates, it might just be worth thinking outside the box a little.

Out with the old


A meal often forms part of Valentine’s Day, whether it’s a homemade candle-lit dinner round the table or a meal out at an exclusive restaurant. With 70% of people in a relationship stating that they want to go out, it’s fairly safe to say that the tradition of heading out for a meal remains fairly intact.

With a mere 13% of people thinking that it is unromantic to be proposed to on 14th February, it seems as though most people still find it to be a good choice, with 66% giving the thumbs up to a traditional Valentine’s proposal.

One tradition could be on the way out, however, with only 5% of people in the UK planning on proposing on the leap day – 29th February. Historically, this is the one day of the year (or rather four years) when women propose to men. However, with more men than women planning on popping the question this leap day, consider it a custom well and truly left in the past.

In with the new


While the majority of people would love a proposal this year, where would they like it to take place?

Surprisingly, 25% of people said that their ideal Valentine’s Day would be spent not at a restaurant, but on a road trip. It seems as though, while people want to go out somewhere, they want to go a little further than the local pub.

Whether it’s the lure of the lochs or the rural ambience that spreads throughout the nation, Scotland was voted as the favoured destination for a Valentine’s road trip. And with the South West coming in second in the polls, it’s the two opposite ends of the country that Brits are aching to get away to.

The finer details

With the trip planned and suitcases packed, all that’s left to sort are the smaller aspects of a road trip, such as what music you’ll play and who’ll pay for the petrol money.

It turns out that Whitney Houston’s I Will Always Love You was the number one choice amongst road-tripping lovers, while 75% of women in relationships felt that their partner should cough up for the petrol costs.


While Scotland was voted the number one destination to go on Valentine’s, it seems that not just anywhere will do. 71% of women who responded to the quiz felt that it would be romantic if their partner hired a convertible and went somewhere quiet to sit and watch the stars.

So, it turns out that spending an evening in Scotland watching the stars is the ultimate romantic combination, and with 30% of people thinking that a proposal in a car was romantic, it could be the very best scenario to get your partner to say ‘yes’!

While some romantic traditions seem to have fallen by the wayside over the years, certain ones are as popular as ever. However, our survey has indicated some exciting trends amongst lovers wanting to do something a little different this year. So, by planning a date that’s out of the ordinary, the best Valentine’s Day ever might just be waiting ahead.

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