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Blog / Other News & Info / This Father’s Day, celebrate driving with dad #ThanksDad

Written by : Branded3

Published on:: 09/06/2017

This Father’s Day, celebrate driving with dad #ThanksDad

Long road trips where he pointed out every single historical landmark. Telling you to ‘shhhh!’ as he turned the football scores up on the radio. Lecturing you on internal combustion engines while navigating roundabouts…

Dad sits behind the wheel and we grow up in the passenger seat. From the we’re-going-to-be-late school run to the I-said-no-later-than-midnight lectures, we experience a lifetime of emotions when the road is rolling underneath you both. Who could forget the happiness on a don’t-tell-your-mother ice cream stop? Anxiety on the just-do-your-best pre-exam lift. Sadness as he drives away after the remember-we’re-only-a-phone-call-away drop-off. 

This Father’s Day, we’re saying #ThanksDad by celebrating all those big milestones, along with the inevitable things that come as part of driving with dad.

Like when his stubbornness turns a regular outing into an epic detour…

Until he finally admits you’re lost.

When he doesn’t quite ‘get’ your playlist…

And he’s not planning on broadening his musical horizons…

So, he just decides to take over the radio…

With no intention of relinquishing control.

When he finally surrenders the wheel to you…

And doesn’t give up on you (despite multiple threats)…

He’s there to be your co-pilot on those important journeys...

But, in the end, it’ll always be you driving with dad.

22 of the UK’s top bloggers have shared their fondest memories of driving with dad – read their stories by clicking each image below and share your own stories using #ThanksDad.

Amy_image.jpg (1) charlotte_image.jpg (1) Rebecca_image.png (1) Faye_image.jpg (1)
Cassie_maie_image.jpg (1) Jasmine_Image.jpg (1) Georgia_image.jpg (1) jessie_image.jpg (1)
Charli_image.jpg (1) ItsHollieAnn_image.JPG (1) Rachel_image.jpg (1) Natasha_image.jpg (1)
Abi_image.jpg (1) kirsty_image.jpg (1) Siobhan_image.jpg (1) Stephanie_image.jpg (1)
Alex_image.jpg (1) Toni_image.jpg (1) Sunna_image.jpg (1) Steph_hungryharriet_image.jpg (1)
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