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Blog / Maintaining Your Car / Car Buyer's Guide - 5 Ways To Save On Running Costs

Written by : sshields

Published on:: 16/11/2015

Car Buyer's Guide - 5 Ways To Save On Running Costs

1. Perform a few simple car maintenance jobs yourself

We’d never advise you to try and tackle actual car repairs unless you’re fully qualified. But there are a few maintenance jobs we can all easily perform at home – and a bit of ‘DIY’ might just save you money down the road…. Keep your tyres working right by regularly checking that the pressure meets the guidelines outlined in your owner’s manual. You should also make sure that there is sufficient tread. The legal minimum is 1.6mm deep. Those who feel confident that they know their stuff can also top up the engine coolant, oil and brake fluid when needed themselves.

2. Reduce your fuel consumption

Many of us rely on our car to get about, so the thought of having to cut down on the amount of fuel you’re using can seem like a challenging task. But there are a few small steps you can take that, together, could make a big difference to the amount you pay out at the pumps. The heavier your car is, the more fuel it burns, so empty the boot of any stuff you don’t actually need. Making sure your tyres are in the best possible condition (as outlined above) as that can decrease drag and cut down on the fuel you’re using. And watch your driving style too – the RAC say you could save as much as 30% on your fuel costs by avoiding braking or accelerating sharply. Turn off functions you don’t need, as they can be a drain on the engine. For example turn off your air conditioning when you don’t need it.

3. Be clever about your car insurance

Shop around online, and opt for a higher excess or lower-level of cover to save on your upfront insurance costs. ‘Pay as you go’ insurance is a good option if you don’t cover many miles in your car, are a particularly careful driver or are a new motorist looking for a way around high insurance premiums. A tracking device is fitted to your car to monitor your driving and you pay only for the insurance you need – this could well save you a massive amount.

4. Make sure you know your warranty rights

Being familiar with exactly what your car warranty includes means you’ll never make the mistake of paying out for a repair when you don’t actually need to. Reassuringly, all of our cars come with a minimum 90-day warranty that covers all mechanical and electrical components. Many actually retain the balance of their manufacturer warranty, and you also have the option of purchasing an extended warranty with us for extra peace of mind. In all cases ensure you read & understand the terms of your warranty. Contact the dealer if you’re unsure of any part.

5. Take your car to a reliable service centre

When it comes to making sure your car’s well taken care of, you naturally want to find a garage you can trust to offer the best possible service at the right price. Its best to shop around a few that you trust to get the best price. We can now offer fixed price servicing & MoT tests to our customers, as part of our Car Care Club. This is available from all locations & aims to give you transparent pricing, great value & top class service.

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