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Blog / Other News & Info / Parking Ticket Statistics: Britain's Hotspot's Revealed

Written by : sshields

Published on:: 16/04/2015

Parking Ticket Statistics: Britain's Hotspot's Revealed

For our latest driving statistics-related post, we’ve conducted detailed research into Britain’s parking ticket hotspots.

We asked councils up and down the country to provide us with information on the number of parking tickets they issued in 2014 and collated the data to get a view of the regions and cities where you’re most likely to be landed with a fine.

Here are the Top 5 regions according to our findings, as well as a quick look at how the rest fared.

parking tickets by region 2014.png

1.      Greater London

None too surprisingly, it was the capital that came out top in the ticket-issuing stakes.

According to the figures provided to us by local councils, a total of 3,375,513 were issued within the Greater London area last year – that’s half of the sum total of tickets issued across the whole of Britain!

In fact, 30% of Britain’s parking tickets were issued in Central London last year; the biggest hotspots were the areas of Westminster (355,519 tickets issued), Camden (235,364) and Islington (217,239).

But why’s the figure so staggeringly high? We reckon it must be down to the sheer amount of traffic and visitors that London attracts, as well as the overabundance of wardens and parking restrictions in place there.

2.      The South East, excluding London

A total of 799,196 parking tickets were issued by councils in the South East in 2014. And, given that it’s the most populated region in the UK, it makes sense that it’s taken the number 2 spot just behind the capital.

25% of these tickets were issued in either Surrey, Hampshire or West Sussex, and Brighton and Hove was the city in the region that attracted most parking foibles (120,463 tickets were issued there).

3.      The North West

Over half a million – 539,078 to be exact – council-issued parking tickets were doled out to unlucky car owners in the North West last year.

Mancunian motorists in particular get a rough deal… With a total of 276,324 tickets issued there, Greater Manchester accounted for over 50% of the region’s total, and over half of those tickets (that’s over 25% overall) were issued in the city centre.

4.      The South West

Coming in at number four is the South West, with councils issuing 464,538 parking fines there in 2014.

And if you’re heading to Bristol, Plymouth or Bath any time soon, you might want to pay particular attention to where you leave your car, as a total of 233,816 tickets were issued in these cities alone.

5.      Yorkshire and the Humber

Looking at the figures we were able to pull together, 399,654 parking tickets were issued by councils in Yorkshire and the Humber.

Unfortunately, Wakefield City Metropolitan District Council failed to respond to our request for parking ticket data, so we can’t give you a view on where they fit in to things... But we did discover that Leeds (with 93,540), Sheffield (with 54,425) and Bradford (with 47,359) seem to be the cities where the most tickets in this region were issued.

Wondering where the remaining regions fit in? Well, the East was just behind Yorkshire and the Humber with 329,728 tickets, while the West Midlands and East Midlands were on pretty level pegging with 308,498 and 297,826 tickets issued respectively.

And, according to our findings, the region where you’re least likely to be landed with a parking ticket is the North East, where just 188,251 were issued last year.

Cover image by R4vi

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