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Blog / Buying Guides / Car Buyer's Guide - What To Expect at Our Showrooms

Written by : sshields

Published on:: 16/11/2015

Car Buyer's Guide - What To Expect at Our Showrooms

Planning on paying us a visit soon? Here are a few pointers on what to expect whether you’re heading to our Wakefield, Sheffield or Manchester showroom…

When you arrive

All of our showrooms have a clearly signposted customer parking area; there are plenty of bays so you’ll never have to fight for a space.
Once you’re parked up, you can either make your way to the showroom building to pick up some information and speak to one of our sales advisors.
Or you can simply go straight to the forecourt and start browsing – it’s up to you.

On the forecourt

There are about 750 cars at each of our showrooms. With so many to choose from, we’ve made it as simple as possible for you to navigate the forecourt and find the one for you.
Our cars are grouped together by category – for example, all of the superminis are parked together – so that you can easily compare similar cars across different makes and models.
If you want to plan ahead, you can see the exact layout of the showroom you want to visit by going to the Our Showrooms page and selecting the location you’re after.
All the cars have a specification sheet that lists key information, and some even carry a finance example so you can get an idea of whether it suits your budget.

In the showroom building

The showroom building’s the place to go if you want to get together some more info, or just need some time to mull over your options.
Inside, you’ll find plenty of useful leaflets explaining how we work and what makes our cars different, as well as guide listing of all the cars on site (and you can also use one of the PCs to search our stock in a couple of clicks if you’d prefer).
Take a break in the café bar, where you can have a good think over a nice cup of coffee. There’s even an indoor play area to keep the kids distracted!

If you want to take a test drive

Our standard test drives travel along a set route, and usually take around ten minutes (although if you’d like to spend longer behind the wheel, you’re more than welcome to drive the route again). We want you to be confident that you’ve made the right choice, so you can try as many cars as you like without commitment.

Around a third of our customers choose to pre-book their test drive. This is a good idea if you’re coming from far away or you’ve already got a specific car in mind – just give us a call or use the live chat window on the website to get in touch.
You don’t have to book your test drive in advance, though, as we can usually take you out for one on the spot. We also offer a bookable motorway test drive for those who want to try out the car under different conditions.

Still got questions about visiting us? Then give us a call!

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