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Blog / The Car People News / Going Away With "Friends"

Written by : sshields

Published on:: 14/07/2016

Going Away With "Friends"

If you’re going away this summer, there are many ways you can make your journey cheaper and, as we like to say, hassle-free by taking advantage of our Friends loyalty scheme. Check out our suggestions for the different trips you may be making over the summer holidays.

Don’t forget, you can borrow our sat-nav with Friends Lend to help you to your destination and avoid the traffic!

“I’m going camping…”


If you’re off camping with the family, you may find yourself packing more than you can fit in your car. With our 420l roof box, it’s like having a second boot! Best of all, you can borrow it from us for free! Just head on over to the Friends portal and select which days you would like to borrow it. Due to popular demand at our Manchester branch, we now have 2 roof boxes available.

The RAC Webshop has a travel and touring range for those camping and caravan essentials. We’ve teamed up with the RAC Shop to give our customers 5% off everything in the store. You can find your discount code in the portal.

“I’m going on a city-break…”

7 parking.jpg

Many cities will have a Q-Park multistory car park. If you book in advance and use the exclusive code from the Friends Portal, you can take advantage of 20% discount. Customers can also enjoy FREE convenient services including baby buggy loan, shoe shine and jump starts from their friendly trained parking hosts, whatever the weather.

“I’m driving into Europe…”


Did you know the TomTom sat-navs we lend for free also come with maps for 45 different countries? Another thing to bear in mind is many countries have different driving laws to the UK, in particular what you need to store in your car at all times (the French are keen on hi-vis vests, for example). The RAC Shop has a section for European driving essentials to ensure you don’t get caught out whilst on the move across the continent. Don’t forget, our customers get 5% off in the RAC Shop!

“I’m going on a cycling holiday…”


There’s no limit on how long you can borrow our Lend items for, nor how many. If you don’t have anywhere to store a bike rack in your home, you can borrow ours and it holds 3 bikes! You may need to borrow a roof box for all your gear, especially if you’ve got your friends and/or family in tow, and you can use our sat-nav to help you find your way, making the whole journey hassle-free. The RAC Shop has a cycling section if you need some handy tools or you’d like to treat yourself to a new helmet or clothing. Even better, our customers get 5% off!

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By Steven Shields, Social Media Executive & Content Writer for The Car People.

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