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Blog / Buying Guides / Car Buyer's Guide - Is It Time To Downsize?

Written by : sshields

Published on:: 16/11/2015

Car Buyer's Guide - Is It Time To Downsize?

It’s safe to say that more of us are choosing to downsize our vehicles than ever before. Speaking to our customers, it’s something we hear a lot.

Let us take you through the main reasons why people choose to downsize and your options to help you determine whether it’s the right decision for you.

Why are people choosing to downsize their car?

Whilst people usually arrive at the stage when they’re considering downsizing for a variety of reasons, the motives fall mainly under two categories: for financial reasons or because they no longer need a large car. Of course, these separate reasons can go hand in hand with each other too.

Downsizing because your needs have changed

With kids to drop off at school and different chores to carry out, many of us choose a large car to accommodate all the needs of modern life. But what if the kids have flown the nest or you find that you simply don’t need such a large car anymore?

Changes in location and lifestyle frequently push many towards downsizing.

Downsizing to save money

Unsurprisingly, in these tough economic times, people are looking in every direction for ways to save money. With the growing cost of maintenance, fuel and insurance, we often hear that customers simply cannot afford to keep running their current car.

More modern cars generally offer lower running costs, with many landing in low tax brackets or indeed being totally exempt from road tax, making them an ideal option for budget conscious buyers. Fuel economy is a hot topic at the moment, and many modern cars also achieve impressive fuel economy.

The cost of car insurance can also be a factor when it comes to deciding which avenue to go down.

Deciding which car to downsize to

If you’re downsizing your car for economic reasons, you need to calculate your numbers carefully.

A diesel car is often assumed to be more financially viable than a petrol one. Yes, buying diesel is a couple of pence more than petrol, but typically diesel cars are more fuel efficient. However, you must factor in what you will be using your car for as the benefits of the fuel economy with diesel can only be seen if you are to be travelling over 10,000 miles a year.

Understanding your needs in downsizing is essential. There is always a point a car is too small for your requirements; you may need the space to lug around your golf clubs or baggage for a weekend away, so consider carefully what you need to fit into your car and how much you are prepared to compromise.

Parking is also something to keep in mind – at last you’ll be able to sneak into that tight space on the high street instead of aimlessly circling the area to find a spot big enough!

Fear not if you like life’s little luxuries, though! Many features that were ‘high end’ only a few years ago can now be had on the smallest supermini, so you can still have all the toys but be gentler on your wallet.

Make sure you check out all the car’s specification– you may be surprised what a smaller car has to offer.

Here at The Car People, you’ll find the MPG, insurance brackets and road tax prices plus many other details about every car we sell on our website; they’re also handily located on every car on our forecourts.

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