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Written by : sshields

Published on:: 09/06/2016

Dad's Taxi

Dad’s Taxi: UK parents could earn up to £14,868 a year from taxiing their children around

Most parents double up as taxi drivers for their children until they are able to drive themselves – taking Dad’s Taxi to school, friends’ houses and social events.

Here at The Car People, we have investigated this further by surveying 2,000 UK parents to find out just how much parents could earn if they were to get paid for their ‘taxi journeys’…


London based parents could earn up to £28,065 a year from giving their children lifts

One in four UK parents admit they feel like a taxi driver for their children.


The average parent will make 47 car journeys for their youngsters each month; travelling 250 miles.

This totals 11 hours and 42 minutes in pick-ups and drop-offs, plus a further 5 hours and 18 minutes spent waiting around for their children to get ready for the ride.

Had they been charging for these journeys, Dad’s Taxi could have earned on average £14,868 in a year – and up to £28,065 annually in London.

[See the table below which shows how much Dad’s Taxi could earn, if parents were to charge a fare for their journeys, in ten UK cities…]


61% of UK parents say their time in the car with their children helps them bond

Almost half of parents said they enjoy time in the car with the kids and two thirds believe it allows them to bond.

66% of parents from Glasgow said time in the car gives them an opportunity to talk with their children, but more than a third of parents from London say their children sit and play on their phone or tablet during the journey.

As taxiing our children around should be seen as part and parcel of being a responsible parent, few of us would actually consider putting a curb on this often time-consuming task.

In fact, our survey revealed that two fifths of parents think they will never stop offering lifts to their children – regardless of age – and 20% of mums would rather put on the taxi cap rather than risk their children’s safety using public transport.


More than half (56%) of Mums say their child has confessed a secret to them in the car

Parents with the most children seem to get more gossip out of their passengers during car journeys.

More than half of mums say their child has shared a secret with them in the car, compared to a third of dads.

A fifth of 25-34 year old parents had the ‘sex talk’ with their children whilst in the car and 20% of dads say offering a lift has given them the opportunity to meet their child’s girlfriend or boyfriend. 

58% of 18-24 year old parents believe that they sacrifice their social life for their children

Nearly half (46%) of dads say they sacrifice their social life to give their children lifts, and more than a quarter say they feel like a taxi driver.


Unsurprisingly, almost two thirds of parents with four or more children believe their social life suffers due to spending so much time driving the kids around; but a third of parents with only one child disagree.

Half of parents with children aged 11-14 years see taxiing their children as a sacrifice of their own social life; a third of parents aged over 55 still feel like they work as a full time taxi driver; while one in ten parents aged 25-34 admit they are fed up of running Dad’s Taxi service.

How many hours have you spent taxiing the kids? Just think how much money could have been made earned had you charged a fee for Dad’s Taxi… Is it a social life sacrifice or bonding time well spent?

We like to think that, deep down, most of us cherish these precious moments with our beloved offspring. In the years to come, once they’ve flown the nest (or are asking for petrol money of their own), we might just miss the last-minute rushing, the unnecessarily loud music blaring through their headphones, and that quick quip of “cheers dad!” or “thanks mum!” right before they close the door. 

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