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Written by : sshields

Published on:: 03/05/2016

How #CarProud Are You?

Which motorists get your heart racing and which ones drive you round the bend? We surveyed 2,000 UK car owners to find out who loves and who loathes their vehicle, who are considered to be the most attractive motorists on the road and whose antics drive you to despair.

From the road users who commit the car-dinal sin of being embarrassed by their four wheels to those who treasure their motor above all else, we reveal the passions and pet hates of UK drivers…

1. BMW.png

Motorists voted BMW and Mercedes-Benz drivers the most attractive on the road. However, more than a third also considered BMW owners to be the most pretentious and the most dangerous.

In terms of attractiveness alone, while BMW drivers came out on top with women, men gave their vote to Mercedes-Benz owners.

Interestingly, more than half of motorists with a Mercedes-Benz thought that people with the same make of car as themselves were the most attractive.

Meanwhile, Skoda drivers were viewed as faring worst in the looks department.

2. Dating.png

Our survey results revealed one in five people would refuse to date someone who doesn’t drive.

Women felt particularly strongly about the issue, with almost a third of female respondents saying they wouldn’t consider dating someone without a car. Men were less concerned about the issue, however, with only 8% of those questioned seeing it as a turn-off.

Motorists from the West Midlands felt most passionate about a potential partner’s lack of wheels, with a quarter of people from the region insisting dating a non-driver was out of the question.

26% of Audi owners agreed, and more than a third of 25–34 year olds said a person’s ability to drive was an important consideration when it came to a potential date.

Furthermore, 42% of drivers confessed that the type of car someone owns also affects their opinion of them. Nearly half of all women surveyed said they’d form an opinion based on someone’s choice of wheels.

3. North East Car Proud.png

Our survey also revealed that drivers from the North East are the most car proud.

A quarter of motorists from this region revealed their vehicles make them so happy that they regularly sing and dance behind the wheel.

Some 28% of women admitted to showcasing their musical talents on the road, compared to just 11% of men, and twice the number of females to males also revealed they gave their car a name.

Jaguar owners were found to take the most pride in their car, while Porsche drivers said they valued their motor more than their job.

Alfa Romeo and Chevrolet drivers were most likely to be embarrassed by their cars, while drivers aged 55 and over were the least embarrassed.

4. 18-24 Car Proud.png

Motorists aged 18–24 are the most likely to take pride in their cars, yet 14% admitted to putting themselves in danger by talking on the phone while driving.

More than half of 18–24 year olds said having a car made them feel free, and the majority of drivers in Yorkshire and the Humber agreed.

5. Middle-lane.png

When asked about bad behaviour behind the wheel, drivers in London were named as the biggest middle-lane hoggers, while almost a third of Suzuki drivers and 18% of women admitted they never check their brakes.

A further 22% of drivers confessed to driving over the speed limit, with half of Porsche drivers revealing they do so a regular basis, and one in five Audi drivers saying they put their foot down as they approach traffic lights.

A quarter of men regularly drive faster than they should, and the same proportion of drivers in Wales don’t pay attention to the speed limit.


UK motorists are certainly opinionated when it comes to the importance of cars.

What we drive and how we drive undoubtedly leaves an impression on people – so what does your motor say about you?

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