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Written by : sshields

Published on:: 24/08/2016

Tried & Tested – Digital Tyre Inflators

Tyre inflators are a handy tool to have in the boot of your car, allowing you to inflate your tyres on your driveway rather than queuing for the one at the petrol station. Many compressors have an analogue dial that indicates the current pressure of the tyre as it inflates. The downside to these is they’re not 100% accurate and you may have to disconnect it from the valve to do an accurate reading. Digital tyre inflators overcome this and are available as cheaply as analogue inflators. We tested 3 digital inflators that are available to buy from Amazon and tested how quickly they inflated a tyre from 30psi to 33psi. All 3 of these inflators come with adapters for other inflatables like bicycle tyres and toys. Here’s our verdict…

Megastore 247 Tyre and Tube Compressor Portable Inflator Pump Set for 12 V DC Cigarette Lighter Socket with 250 PSI Digital Gauges and Valve Adapters


This budget compressor is very compact and lightweight and the cables all wrap around neatly round the device. Attaching to the tyre valve is a straight-forward clip and, once plugged into your 12V socket, you simply use the +/- buttons to set your desired tyre pressure. Switch the inflator on and just let the inflator do its thing. Once the desired pressure is reached, the 

The noise level is what you’d expect from a compressor. Unfortunately, due to this compressor being so light, it will move around due to the vibration. It’s also very slow, inflating the tyre by 3psi in 1 minute and 10 seconds. Nevertheless, if you’re not wanting to spend a lot, this is still a decent compressor to have.

Windek B28C 100PSI DC 12V Multi-Functional Digital Air Compressor/Tyre inflator with Vaccuum Cleaner Function


We were impressed with this genius device, which combines a compressor with a handheld vacuum cleaner! Very lightweight and practical; cables are stored in a hatch at the rear of the device. Unfortunately, unlike the other two inflators reviewed, this device doesn’t have the facility to set your desired tyre pressure; merely a minor inconvenience.

Inflation is only slightly quicker than the budget compressor, inflating the tyre by 3psi at bang on 1 minute. Being a vacuum cleaner as well, of course we had to give that a go as well. Sadly, suction isn’t brilliant; there are much better handheld vacuum cleaners out there. Check out our vacuum cleaner review here.

A great idea, but could be better we reckon.

Ring RAC630 12V Automatic Digital Tyre Inflator with LED Light, Adaptor Set and Storage Case


Our star buy at less than £25. This inflator is very easy to use and comes with a handy carry case. It also features a built in white LED light for helping you inflate your tyre in the dark, and a red light to warn other drivers if you’re inflating your tyre at the side of the road.

Like the budget inflator, simply set it to your required pressure and it will stop inflating when the correct pressure is reached. This inflator is very fast, achieving 3psi in 23 seconds; the manufacturer claims a tyre can be inflated from flat to 35psi in under 3 minutes!

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By Steven Shields, Social Media Executive & Content Writer for The Car People.

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