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Blog / Other News & Info / Tried & Tested: Tablet Mounts

Written by : sshields

Published on:: 30/06/2016

Tried & Tested: Tablet Mounts

Tablet computers are the ultimate form of portable entertainment and productivity. A very useful tool around the house and workplace, they’re also great for keeping the kids entertained on long road trips and having a suitable headrest mount will enhance that experience, preventing travel sickness and poorly necks.

We tried five tablet mounts that are available to buy for less than £25. We tested how easy they were to set up and remove, and how well they secured one of our iPads. Here’s the verdict…

Targus AWE77EU in Car Mount for iPad and Tablets



“The adjustable cradle utilises a BOA lacing system, which locks into position to hold your tablet safe and secure. An adjustable strap fits onto nearly all types of car headrest.”

This mount is very compact and easy to use. Securing to the headrest is just a simple case of clipping the strap around it and adjusting. To remove, just unclip. Securing the tablet is also very straight-forward with the unique lacing system and is very sturdy.

Kit Premium Universal Headrest Holder Mount Cradle



Fitting this mount was simple, using a screw-type mechanism to secure the mount to the headrest. The tablet is secured using a spring-loaded set-up, but the springs are very firm and can be difficult to insert the tablet. On the plus side, it means it cannot be easily removed by any child watching it! The mount has diagrams showing the best way to fit different sized tablets.

Okra® Universal 360° Degree Rotating Tablet Car Headrest Grip Mount 



The Okra uses the same screw-type system as the KIT and a very similar spring-loaded mount that fits most tablets. Two differences to the KIT: the spring-loaded mount is used just one way for all tablets, which is at the corners, and there’s nearly a £10 difference in price. As the Okra and KIT mounts are so similar, we’d recommend the Okra on price alone.

Tablet Car Mount,Danibos Universal Tablet Car Seat Headrest Mount Holder



The cheapest of the bunch, you get what you pay for with this generic tablet holder. This mount is secured to the headrest with the familiar screw-type system. The tablet is easily secured using a clip and lock kind of system. Although straight forward to set up, it doesn’t feel secure both on the headrest and the tablet. For the sake of a couple of quid, buy the Okra mount.

Olixar Universal Tablet Car Headrest Mount Pro



This mount is designed for sharing a tablet among the rear passengers. This mount requires securing to both front seat headrests with extending clips and the tablet is secured by the same kind of spring-loaded system we’ve seen with the previous mounts that we tested. It feels very durable; the only downside being both front seats need to be at the same height and distance to get the best out of this mount and to ensure it’s as secure as possible. Still, tablet mounts of this design are very rare and is perfect if you’ve only one tablet and want to prevent arguments over who gets to use it, though expect arguments over what to watch!

Overall verdict:

Most practical: Olixar Universal Tablet Car Headrest Mount Pro
Best value: Okra® Universal 360° Degree Rotating Tablet Car Headrest Grip Mount 
Easiest to use: Targus AWE77EU in Car Mount for iPad and Tablets

Author Bio


By Steven Shields, Social Media Executive & Content Writer for The Car People.

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