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Blog / Maintaining Your Car / Cleaning Kit Review

Written by : sshields

Published on:: 26/05/2016

Cleaning Kit Review

If you thought of cleaning your own car and being proud of your handiwork, there are a few products you need to get the best result. Many producers of cleaning products offer a pack at a discounted price compared to buying it all separately, so we searched for 3 cleaning kits that you can buy without breaking the bank…

Auto Glym - The Collection Perfect Bodywork, Wheels & Interiors

May 26, 2016 at 1212PM.jpeg

Auto Glym is a well renowned manufacturer of car cleaning products and a favourite of The Car People. We’ve been in partnership with Auto Glym for many years because of the quality of their products.

The Collection has everything you need and includes the following:

- Bodywork shampoo
- Super Resin Polish
- Extra Gloss Protection
- Clean Wheels
- Instant Tyre Dressing
- Alloy Wheel Seal
- Interior Shampoo
- Car Glass Polish
- Vinyl and Rubber Care
- Sponge
- Hi-Tech Finishing Cloth
- Aqua Dry Cloth

You get a lot of cleaning products for your money, and these kits are usually on offer at around the £50 mark. The downside is replacing the products once you’ve run out, as they’re certainly not cheap to be purchased individually. If you’re a car cleaning enthusiast and don’t mind shelling out, Auto Glym is the way to go, you even get a nice bag to keep it all in.

The Dogs Full Collection Perfect Bodywork, Wheels & Interiors, Complete Piece Car Cleaning Valeting Kit

May 26, 2016 at 1209PM.jpeg

This cleaning pack is, as the packaging says, the proverbial dogs… Yeah you know the rest. Looking past the unusual branding, this kit has everything you need, including a bucket! In the pack are the following products:

- Car Wash Shampoo
- Leather Cleaner Feeder
- Car Polish
- Bumper & Trim Reviver
- Screen Polish
- Alloy Wheel Cleaner
- Long-Life Tyre Dressing
- Pack of 3 sponges
- 2 microfibre cloths

Everything you need to give your car that extra sparkle. If you have leather sofas in your home, why not use the leather cleaner on that as well?

Complete 11 Piece Car Cleaning Valeting Kit

May 26, 2016 at 1202PM.jpeg

All this for under £20? You may think it’s too good to be true, but you get a good range of products for your money. We even let our own valeters try them out and they were impressed with the quality. Of course, it will never be as good as Auto Glym, but if you want to keep your car clean whilst on a budget, this kit is ideal. Sadly no carry case to keep it all in, but you get the following:

- Anti Fog Glass Cleaner
- Black Shine Restorer (for tyres and bumper trims)
- Upholstery Cleaner
- Wheel Cleaner Spray and Shine
- Tar and Insect Remover
- Vinyl Trim and Dashboard Cleaner
- Engine Degreaser
- Spray ‘n’ Shine
- Wash and Wax car shampoo
- Sponge
- Microfiber cloth

We would recommend getting more microfiber cloths as you need to use them with different products, but for less than £20 you can’t go wrong.

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By Steven Shields, Social Media Executive & Content Writer for The Car People.

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