To help us keep track of how many users are visiting particular pages within our website, and how many users are accessing particular listings that we distribute, we may place a small file, called a web beacon, on some of our pages and on some of the listings we distribute. These web beacons allow us to track the number of users that view our pages and our listings, but they don't reveal any personally identifying information about individual users.

It is possible for you to stop or restrict the cookies set by The Car People by changing your browsers settings, however this might possibly affect the functionality of the site.

For more data on Cookies visit In addition to detailing extensive information on cookies this site also provides explanations on how to disable cookies on your computer.

To reiterate cookies used by The Car People are not present to gather and use personally identifiable information from its users. The cookies we use are necessary for site functionality, some of the cookies in place will improve your interactions with the site or provide us with data which will enable us to do so. Please refer to the table below for further information on the cookies in place on






This cookie is written to the browser on a user’s first visit to Google Analytics uses this cookie to record the unique visitors to, and the frequency of views each page obtains. 2 years
__utmb Google uses __utmb to establish and continue a user session and interaction with The cookie will expire if a user spends more than 30 minutes on a page within of without navigating to another. 30 minutes
__utmc __utmc was previously used by google to outline your session status with Not set
__utmz Google uses this cookie to distinguish and store data on where you and other users have arrive to from. Example of this can be from search / paid media or directing using the direct url, . 6 months
id The id cookie is set by to capture the result of your online marketing. 2 years



The adiLP cookie is used to help track visitors who have multiple tabs open in the samebrowser to prevent errors in tracking.
The adiV cookie contains an identifier number which is used by AdInsight to track a visitor over time. This allows AdInsight to show multiple visits made by a customer over time from the same browser. This cookie is set to expire 1 year after the visitor leaves the website.
The adiVi cookie contains an identifier number which is used by AdInsight to help track a visitor’s path while they are on the website. This cookie is set to expire 30 minutes after the visitor leaves the website.
Up to 2 years


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What's my car worth?

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What can I afford?

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