Below we list some frequently asked questions that give you an insight into your options when buying from us.  If you can’t find the answer to your question here contact us here or call in at one of our showrooms for a chat, there’s no obligation to buy!

Yes - we take away as much hassle as we can, and it’s easy to shop with us either online, at our showroom or even over the phone - so you don’t need to keep visiting main dealers. We’ll organise part-exchange valuations while you wait, same-day test drives, and even great-value finance and after-sales packages – all to save you from shopping around. And we only sell from stock, so your car will be ready to collect just a couple of days after you've made your decision.
We offer great value in everything that we do, from the price of the car itself (you could save up to £10,000 compared to main-dealer prices) to our competitive finance deals and high-quality aftercare packages. Because of the size of our operation, we can do all this without sacrificing quality or our high levels of service.
Yes – we’re members of and regulated by:
  1. The Financial Conduct Authority (member no 305727)
  2. West Yorkshire Trading Standards Motor Trade Partnership
  3. Tameside Trading Standards
  4. South Yorkshire Trading Standards Motor Trade Partnership

If you find you need to contact the Financial Ombudsmen Service with regard to a complaint with us that is within their remit then they are available at:

Financial Ombudsmen Service
Exchange Tower
Harbour Exchange Square
E14 9SR

Telephone: 0207 964 1000

Website: http://www.financial-ombudsmen.org.uk/

Friends is our loyalty programme, exclusively for customers of The Car People. Friends gives you a range of benefits, all desgined to either save you money on motoring related items or take the hassle out of car ownership.

From 15th July 2015 new customers are invited to join the programme when they collect their new car. Previous customers will be either emailed details of how to join or receive a postal invite.

We have almost 200,000 customers, so please bear with us whilst we send the invites out.

  1. We only stock vehicles with a warranted mileage, which have had either one owner, or have been checked by the Vehicle Mileage Check service (recognised by Trading Standards. (New, delivery-mileage and one-owner vehicles do not require a mileage check, as we obtain an invoice from the supplier confirming that the mileage is warranted.)
  2. We thoroughly inspect every car on arrival. Our team of mechanics, cosmetic repair specialists and valeters then prepare every vehicle to our exacting standards. We also quality-check every vehicle before it is put on display.
  3. If we doubt any vehicle, we simply don't accept it for sale. So you can buy a second-hand car from us with complete confidence.
  4. We then re-check your car the day before you pick it up, making sure it meets our stringent standards, and is totally safe, before it is handed over.
  5. For complete piece of mind, your personal handover executive will ensure that you are 100% confident with the controls of your new car before you drive away.

No we want you to feel free to test-drive as many cars as you like, whenever you want. At all but the very busiest times, we will quickly organise a test-drive for you of as many cars as you wish.

We have a series of 5 preparation levels (1,2C, 2, 2+ & 3). Each one is designed to ensure we thoroughly check & prepare every vehicle to our high standard.

Levels 1 & 2C are for vehicles that either do not require a service or one is not due within the next three months. These levels include a detailed multi-point inspection, thorough mechanical, cosmetic and structural inspections as well as a road test. We'll also perform quality control checks after valeting & before delivery.

Levels 2, 2+ & 3 have all the above checks as well as a service element. This is because either a service is due, one is imminent, or we have no evidence that the correct service has been done in line with the vehicle's age & mileage. The parameters for these levels are set around the vehicle's age & whether it is still covered under a manufacturer's warranty.

All our cars come with our minimum 90 day warranty, which covers all mechanical & electrical compontents for unlimited claims in the warranty period. A copy of the exact cover is available upon request.

Additionally some cars are listed on the site with Balance of manufacturer's warranty. These vehicles carry the remaining portion of their new car warranty.

Finally we have some vehicles that are listed with Warranty at manufacturer's discretion. They are vehicles that are still within their manufacturer's warranty period however their servicing is outside of the manufacturer's recommendations. They will have warranty cover, however a failure that is service related may not be covered.

Any vehicle can be purchased with our RAC approved extended warranties, which include full RAC breakdown assistance.

The only potential charges come from Road Fund License, Cherished Number Transfer/Retention (if applicable) and our optional Delivery Administration Fee. The delivery administration fee is if you want us to re-valet your car before delivery and organise the taxation of the vehicle for you. Also if you have a part exchange then it covers the provenance check required for us to authenticate the vehicle and it's details.

We do not deliver as we cannot guarantee the service levels offered by transport companies. Also most customers find the cost of delivering a single vehicle to their door very expensive.

Because we only sell from stock, there are no lengthy delays while you wait for your car to be delivered. We can even do a same day delivery, subject to an available hand over appointment. The only delay is if you have a cherished number plate, which has to be processed by the Local Vehicle Licensing Office.

We have a department dedicated to sourcing documents and other items for our used cars. All information we collect is stored on our computer system and displayed on our vehicle specification sheets, our website and your order. That way, there are no surprises and you’ll know exactly what to expect with your new vehicle. We even guarantee that if we fail to deliver an item documented on your order, we’ll arrange a replacement without question.

We have a central customer services team who are on hand seven days a week to help you with any queries & ensure you get the best possible service. If you have an issue where the car has to come back to us then the car will need to go back to the site where you collected it from, as they have the best knowledge of the vehicle & it’s history. Because of this we recommend that, wherever possible, you take delivery of your new car from your local branch.

Our website is updated 3 times per day at 12:00am, 12:00pm and 17:00. Once it has been prepared & valeted for display then the photographs are uploaded within 24 hours. Finally as soon as a car is sold it is immediately taken from the site.

We can organise photographs for you for a car that isn’t local. We can also organise for you to view the car at its current location and then move it for you once you’ve ordered it. Alternatively you can order the car in advance and we can then move it ready for delivery. If the car isn’t as described then you’re under no obligation to take it. However to do this the vehicle will need to be viewed before we tax/register it.